Guide to Maricopa AZ

A Few Facts About Maricopa

Maricopa known as Maricopa Wells and known for an established agricultural community populated by friendly Native Americans who were established traders. In the mid-1800’s everything south of Gila River was still part of Mexico. It was long a great place of water along the Gila trail and stop of the infamous Butterfield Overland Mail Line Stagecoach.

At that time Phoenix was a little larger than a little village along the Salt River. While continuing to grow its political influence led to the building of the spur line from Maricopa to Phoenix. Today John Wayne Parkway ( Maricopa Road – Highway 347 ) lies over the old railroad lines. After 1935 the railway north was stopped. So Maricopa became increasingly known for its agricultural production. In response to unprecedented hyper-growth, the residents of Arizona’s 88th city voted to adopt its first Municipal General Plan that would ensure Maricopa achieves its vision through the year 2025.

Maricopa is only 40 minutes from downtown Phoenix and about 35 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. It is well known as a first-time homebuyer or vacation home community. While on 20 minutes from Maricopa it makes a short commute for those families needing larger homes at a lower price. While outside of the hustle and bustle of the city Maricopa makes a great vacation community for those cold-weather visitors. The City of Maricopa has a population of 43,482. Since 2001 the city has grown in population by over 38,000. Maricopa offers great weather all winter long with an average temperature of 68.6 degrees from Nov-March during our winter months. While it is a little warmer in the summer months this makes Chandler a great winter vacation destination for many cold-weather visitors. Maricopa has 17240 households with an average household size of 2.52 people.

Maricopa has just started to expand its range of family-owned restaurants, golf courses, and other family activities. Here are a few areas to consider visiting while house hunting in Maricopa: Fishing Derby, Stagecoach Days, Great American BBQ, Holiday Homes on Parade, Movies in the Park, Mysterious Mansion Mayhem, and the all renowned Salas Festival, and plenty more to explore! If you need a short-term rental while you are house hunting, try these Maricopa Vacation Rentals.