Ahwatukee Arizona Foothills

A Phoenix Village. Sometimes referred to as “Ahwatukee Foothills”, Ahwatukee is one of 15 Urban Villages that comprise the city of Phoenix. Residents of Ahwatukee however do not strongly associate themselves as part of Phoenix. South Mountain, the country’s largest city park geographically separates Ahwatukee from its sister-villages. This enclave covers about 36 square miles and has a resident population of about 88,000 (2009). It is bordered to the north by South Mountain, to the east by cities of Tempe and Chandler and to the south by the Gila River Indian Community.

Ahwatukee Attractions & Things to Do

As an Urban Village within the City of Phoenix, Ahwatukee Arizona enjoys the same attractions and things to do with the Valley of the Sun cities that comprise the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Visit the following websites to discover a world of adventure, not only in the immediate area, but throughout Arizona.

Ahwatukee Festival of Lights

The major Ahwatukee Annual Event. The Ahwatukee Festival of Lights is the major celebration of the year in Ahwatukee. The kick-off for the Holiday Season celebration is the lighting of over 2 million lights on Thanksgiving night along Chandler Boulevard from 24th Street west to Desert Foothills Parkway. The lights illuminate the main drag in Ahwatukee Foothills through January 1.

The festival begins with a traditional opening celebration at Desert Foothills Park that features carnival rides, a Marketplace Street Fair, food booths and live entertainment. Santa comes to the party and poses for pictures. The event culminates with a Harley Davidson parade featuring about 100 bikes draped in lights and holiday garb, and stage sounds that finish the festivities. Over 15,000 people attend the event. This major celebration signifies the holiday spirit residents experience in Ahwatukee AZ.

Perfect family living

Money Magazine has named Ahwatukee as one of the best places to live in the Phoenix area. Quality of life, quiet neighborhoods, great schools, proximity to shopping venues, four golf courses, superb hiking trails and an abundance of fine restaurants makes Ahwatukee, Arizona an ideal place to raise a family. Although somewhat isolated from bustle of Phoenix, the amenities and attractions of the big city are but a short drive away.

A home for every lifestyle

From modest homes and condos to golf course lots and mountain side mansions, Ahwatukee AZ has a neighborhood that will complement all styles and budget. Many parks dot the landscape which is surrounded by desert views that create the most astounding sunsets one will ever experience. Ahwatukee is not only a quiet, tranquil community but one of the most scenic areas in the city of Phoenix. Real estate in Ahwatukee has always been in high demand.

Life in Ahwatukee, Arizona

We are your unofficial one stop guide to everything Ahwatukee. We connect residents and those contemplating relocation to this area to services and resources that specialize in providing the needs and desires of Ahwatukee homeowners and residents. Ahwatukee real estate agents that will help discover or sell your Ahwatukee home. A wealth of homebuyer articles and home loan articles that will assist you in making well-informed decisions.

Ahwatukee. House of Dreams. In Native American Crow language, Ahwatukee means “house of dreams”. About 88,000 residents in Ahwatukee have found their dream home in one of the nicest areas of Phoenix. Although many believe that it is an independent city, Ahwatukee is actually one of 15 designated urban villages within the city of Phoenix. Money Magazine has named Ahwatukee as one of the best places to live in America.

Rightfully so. This quiet community sits on the picturesque southern slopes of South Mountain, the largest city park in America. Boasting of top-rated school systems, four lush golf courses, a plethora of shopping districts, a gigantic set of cinemas, organized recreation, an abundance of fine restaurants, a multitude of parks and fishing ponds, there is little reason to escape from this tranquil community that is mostly insulated from the bustle of the nation’s fifth largest city. Ahwatukee even has its own internal bus system that navigates through the area with scheduled frequency.

Essentially, real estate in Ahwatukee is land-locked contributing to its appeal. It is bordered to the east with Interstate 10 and Chandler, Arizona and to the west with Indian Reservation land. Its north boundary is the majestic South Mountain and the south boundary also edges against Indian Reservation land. The village offers a home for every lifestyle and budget. From modest family homes, condos and apartments to gated communities, golf course lots and mountain top mansions, there is a home that will fulfill every desire.

The natural beauty of Ahwatukee can be best described as lush desert with stands of Saguaro cactus and their magnificent spring flowers. It is a hiking paradise with internal park trails and lush parks with fountains and picnic facilities and fishing ponds. The trails at South Mountain Park feature more demanding trails that reward with striking panoramic views of the Phoenix skyline.

Although Ahwatukee and Ahwatukee Foothills are insulated peaceful communities with a small-town feel, the expanded amenities and culture in other Phoenix areas are always close at hand. It shares broad attractions in the Valley of the Sun such as four major sports teams and an active spring training ground with many major league baseball teams.

For the water recreation enthusiasts, the area features large boating lakes including Lake Pleasant, Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake and Apache Lake. Over 200 golf courses across the valley make Phoenix the golf capital of America. Just a short drive away is popular recreation area of Tempe Town Lake and the downtown events and nightlife of the Tempe Mill Avenue area. Besides major sports teams, the Valley boasts two college bowl games and one of the country’s largest New Year’s Block Parties.

If you are considering relocating to the Phoenix area, be sure to take a look at the homes for sale in Ahwatukee (Sometimes misspelled as “Awatukee”). You will discover why Ahwatukee real estate is in such demand. Our Preferred Ahwatukee real estate agents can show you where the best home values can be found.


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