Boulders Resort & Spa in Carefree, AZ

A beautiful resort in Arizona

The Boulders is a remarkable place. Remarkable because it is a hotel that is built into the Sonoran Desert landscape. It is painted to match the color of the rock formations which are there in abundance. Indeed it is aptly named. The hotel is utterly discreet. There are small casitas which for the most part house visitors to this desert hideaway. There is hardly the main building. Certainly, there is a central building where there is a reception area, but the rest of the place is all small buildings, casitas, which house the guests. I understand that The Boulders is a favorite locale for celebrities and I can utterly understand why: the place reveals itself to be a locale of discretion and privacy. There is no necessity to travel through the lobby to get from one’s room to the dining rooms. The restaurants are located all over the landscape.

I stayed in a casita. It was neatly compartmentalized into a sleeping space, a conversation space, and a bathing area. I slept wonderfully there. In conversation with Debi Bridges, their PR person, I understand that this is a common experience of the hotel. People with troubled sleep often sleep better at The Boulders than at home. As a mature guest, I appreciated that enormously.

I’m told that one reason why guests often sleep so well is that the area was once sacred to the Indians who lived there before the hotel was built. This is sacred ground. Evil spirits do not reside at the Boulders so sleep is untroubled.

In line with the sacred terrain of the hotel is the Golden Door Spa. I have visited the Golden Door at other hotels and have found it to be a delightful place for relaxation and refreshment. This time I began to think that I would have a Shamanic Reading from their resident shaman, Razel Wolf.

I met her at the Spa and she took me into a treatment room where she took several discs and made a design much like a target from discs. She has been trained to do this by Shamanic teachers in an Indian tribe. The pattern she made had several choices for me to examine.

I could ask about my career, relationships, health, finances, spiritual growth, dreams and aspirations, sense of self, patterns, and design. These were the choices that I could gain insight into as the reading progressed. This is not a predictive reading. You won’t learn whether your romance will be successful or not. The experience took place in a treatment room with massage tables and a bathroom as part of the stage setting.

So, what did she tell me? In the center of a piece of paper, she gave me was a circle that reads “soul force.” “Shamanism is about alignment with the worlds we live with, the plants, the animals, the trees, and so forth,” says Razel Wolf. As she moved through the reading she said that my health and finances have to do with being a writer. I was stunned by this because the reading was based on me drawing discs from a bag, blindly. Then, she interpreted these discs as they related to the areas that I had chosen. It was all quite stunning. I wanted to suggest that she already knew that my fortunes were entirely a consequence of my writing, but I had drawn the disc myself and all she was doing was interpreting the meaning of it.

Razel is a shamanic ceremonialist. She has been studying the way of her knowledge for 28 years. She has a background as a dancer and a choreographer. She has however been studying and continues to study under a shaman. She is not yet able to call herself that yet. I assume that is her goal. She is allowed to do the reading that she did with me she is also able to do shamanic readings without being herself a shaman.

It is remarkable that the hotel should have a resident mystic. I enjoyed my reading and would love to have another as Razel is fascinating and I’m sure has secret knowledge. The Boulders is a lovely resort and Razel is a very exceptional person to have as a reader on its staff.

Boulders Resort & Spa Scottsdale, Curio Collection by Hilton
34631 N Tom Darlington Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

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