Relive the Old West in and around Tucson

Top 5 Wild West Places To See In Southern Arizona

You can now live out your very own Old West adventures by taking a trip to the beautiful and historic Tucson, Bisbee, and Tombstone, Arizona.

Tucson, Arizona is a great place to spend a weekend. They offer everything from an Old West experience to a chance to see animals in a natural habitat. If you love gorgeous sunsets over splendid cactus-filled deserts, then Tucson is definitely a treasure-filled place for you. And, while visiting Tucson, be sure to visit Bisbee and the famous Tombstone as well. People young and old will all be able to find something to occupy their time within this beautiful desert locale.

Old Tucson Studios

Film lovers will undeniably have to make a stop here while traveling in and around Tucson. The main street of the studio will have everyone feeling like they are back in those adventurous days of the old gunslingers and cowboys. The saloon offers some great food while also giving you a fun little show. The show consists of a reenactment of the shows that one would find if back in the times of the wold west. There are various acts as well as dancing saloon girls.

Walk around a bit and see if you can recognize some of your favorite westerns that were filmed here. The beautiful Spanish-style church will surely bring back some of those memories. Features filmed here include The Three Amigos, Tombstone, the original 3:10 to Yuma, Rio Bravo, The Quick and the Dead, Young Guns II, Wild Wild West, amongst countless others.

Voted “Best Western Movie Set” by readers of True West magazine, and recently listed among five one-of-a-kinds Tucson sites by USA Today, Old Tucson Studios features film and television shoots throughout the year and daily Wild West entertainment for the whole family! Experience the award-winning movie location that’s been a Tucson family favorite for decades… Old Tucson Studios!

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

A great alternative to a zoo is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. It houses many desert native animals in a great natural habitat that allows visitors a great chance to observe these majestic creatures. And the grounds are simply stunning with their endless beautiful desert scenes. Everywhere you look here you will find beautiful desert landscapes and gorgeous vistas. There are a few breathtaking walks that will have any photographer or nature enthusiast jumping for joy.

For a half-century, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has enchanted millions of visitors with its exhibits of live animals in astonishingly natural settings, while intriguing and instructing them with fascinating educational programs. At the same time, the Museum has gained a worldwide repute in the scientific community as an institution committed to researching and protecting the land, plants, and animals of the Sonoran Desert region.

Mission San Xavier del Bac Tucson

A visit to the Mission San Xavier del Bac Tucson is an afternoon well spent. There is a small cluster of shops nearby selling beautiful native jewelry and other such makings. They have some great food here as well which includes these amazing tortillas covered in cinnamon. The nearby hill is a fun little hike that offers some stellar views. If you do not feel like you can practically rock climb it, there is a steadily inclined path that goes a part of the way up.

Old Bisbee

Bisbee is a fantastic day trip just 95 miles out from Tucson. This use to be an old copper mill run town and much of the same architecture is still there today. There are many shops to wander around in and a great little museum as well. The shops are a great place to satisfy your love for antiques. Bisbee is really an amazing step back into time for a day.

Famous Tombstone Arizona

If you are a fan of anything relating to the Old West, then a stop at the famous Tombstone is a must! Tombstone is just 70 miles out of Tucson and the highway will take you through many gorgeous desert scenes. The whole town is straight out of your favorite western film. They have the OK Corral, the famous Birdcage Theatre, and even a great old stagecoach that takes passengers around the old town. The town can be a tad touristy, but overall it is a great place that everyone will enjoy.

The beautiful and historic Tucson, Arizona has something that everyone can enjoy.


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