Tour the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona

Reid Park Zoo

If you love viewing animals from diverse areas around the globe, you’ll want to visit the Reid Park Zoo on your next trip to Tucson. The Reid Park Zoo is home to more than 400 animals. You’ll see all of your favorite zoo animals in comfortable habitat environments located throughout Reid Park Zoo.

The Reid Park Zoo features an impressive assortment of beautiful Asian Animals, including Gibbons, bears, and tigers. The Zoo is actively involved in conservation projects that are designed to protect bear species. You can see a variety of Asian bears at the Zoo, all of which are threatened with extinction in their natural environments.

You’ll also see majestic Asian tigers at the Zoo, another endangered species the Zoo is active in protecting. You may be surprised to see one or more tigers lounging in their pool during the heat of the day. Unlike many other species of cats, tigers enjoy being in the water.

African animals are well represented at the Reid Park Zoo. You can view the white rhinoceroses here, relaxing in their mud wallows. The African elephants are actually housed together with Asian elephants, and you can learn to spot the differences between the two. Grevy’s Zebras, lions, and giraffes are some of the other popular African animals you’ll see at the Zoo. Mandrill baboons that originate from the rain forests of Africa are interesting animals exhibited here which you may not have seen before at other zoos.

In addition to mammals, there are some very interesting African birds to see at the Reid Park Zoo. You’ll have a unique opportunity to see the Crowned Crane and Marabou Stork during your visit.

If you’re interested in viewing animals that originate in South America, you’ll be delighted with the variety of beautiful animals from the continent’s unique habitats that are exhibited at the Reid Park Zoo. You can see the capybara, a semi-aquatic rodent that may grow to weigh up to 150 pounds. You’ll also see caiman, llamas, jaguar, and giant anteaters, as well as lesser-known animals such as the spectacled bear and the large, flightless bird, the rhea.

Brightly colored Macaws are another type of bird exhibited at the Reid Park Zoo. Bird lovers will enjoy touring the walk-through aviary at the Zoo that features a variety of birds from South America.  Flamingos are exhibited in their own special area at the Zoo.

In addition to touring all the wonderful exhibits at the Reid Park Zoo, you may opt to take a special, behind-the-scenes tour, as well. On this intriguing extra tour, you’ll see the Zoo’s kitchen, health center, and animal night house. You’ll gain a unique understanding and appreciation of the effort it takes to keep the Zoo’s animal residents healthy, happy, and safe at the Reid Park Zoo.


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